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Samuel L. Jackson Said He’d Leave The Country If Trump Was Elected, Here’s What He’s Doing Now

Prior to the election last year, veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson swore that if Donald Trump won the presidency, he would hightail it out of here for South Africa.

And he used very colorful language in making the promise.

*Warning for graphic language*

Jimmy Kimmel asked what were the chances that Donald Trump would win.

He said that if that ‘m—f—a’ won, he would move his ‘black a–‘ to South Africa.

Many on social media pressed him to keep his promise and leave after Trump won.

From Opposing Views:

Times Live reports that Twitter users took to calling Jackson out for not leaving, and even got his name trending in South Africa in the hours following Trump’s victory.

Well, despite that promise, Jackson of course never left.

Because turns out, he’d rather live here with Trump as President than leave.

When Jackson was subsequently pressed on the subject by people, he tweeted out, “Why y’all so anxious for me to leave?! I pay More Taxes than All U Trumpafu**** . . . Him too!!”

He picked a fight with Trump over golf and Trump called him a boring actor who does too many commercials.

Jackson’s response? He claimed he made more money than Trump.

*Warning graphic language*

And that’s really the answer.

Because despite his liberal Hollywood views and his hatred of Trump, nowhere else could he make as much money as he has for so little work as an actor does to get it.

Tthe country is doing economically better under Trump and no other country can compare to the opportunities he has here.

Source: CF

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