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Queens Man ‘Falls’ Four Stories To Death After He’s Caught Sexually Assaulting 6-Year-Old Boy

Queens, NY – A Queens man caught in the act of sexually abusing a six-year-old boy fell four stories to his death.

The incident occurred on Thursday about 1:05 AM at the Queens apartment of Edgar Collaguazo, age 44, located on 95th Avenue near 35th Avenue in Jackson Heights, according to the New York Daily News.

The boy and his parents lived in a rented room at the apartment. When the incident occurred, a party was being held for the boy’s sixth birthday.

The party was still going on when Collaguazo returned home on Wednesday night. He invited the victim, another boy, and his five-year-old female cousin into his room to watch a movie.

At some point, the female cousin came out of the room, acting strangely. The victim’s mother said “The little girl was happy and well, and then suddenly, she came out, but . . . she looked different.”

The victim’s father peeked into the room and didn’t notice anything wrong. When the little girl’s mother checked a few minutes later, she saw Collaguazo holding the victim on his lap, with his hand on the the little boy’s privates.

The little girl’s mother rushed out of the room, screaming, and ran straight to the little boy’s mom, who said, “She came to me frightened and crying.”

“We never thought the man had a mind this dirty.”

Both the fathers of the boy and girl began beating Collaguazo, and the victim’s mother told them to stop because the police had been called.

The decision was made to lock Collaguazo in his room until the police arrived. When they checked on him a few minutes later, he was gone. When they looked out the window in the bedroom, they could see Collaguazo’s body on the ground below.

A witness said he saw a man trying to hoist himself over the security bars. He said, “The guy had one foot on the ledge trying to climb over the bars. He let himself go head first and landed with a thud and splatter. It sounded like a pumpkin fell off the roof.”

The New York Daily News obtained surveillance video that showed Collaguazo landing belly first onto an iron gate, then falling to the ground seconds before the first NYPD police officer arrived.

He was transported to Elmhurst Hospital where he later died.

The victim’s mother said “If he didn’t have a filthy mind, (he’d) simply stay and face the situation.”

The victim’s five-year-old female cousin later said that she had ran out of the room because Collaguazo had kissed her, and told her not to tell anyone.

You can see the video of the incident below. WARNING: Graphic video.

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