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Fox News Host Snaps at David Clarke, Segment Turns Ugly After He Insults John Lewis

Former Sheriff David Clarke destroyed liberal Fox News host Eboni Williams while talking about Congressman John Lewis and his decision to boycott the opening of the civil rights museum due to President Trump’s attendance.

“No one cares what John Lewis is doing,” Clarke said. “He’s been reduced to being a caricature in that he has to pull a political stunt like this. He can’t even honor a civil rights museum opening!”

He started by saying “John who?” Dismissing his status as a civil rights advocate.

His comment enraged Eboni Williams, so she started to list Lewis achievements.

“John Lewis — he was bloodied on the Selma bridge when he was trying to protest voting rights and organizing sit-ins,” Williams said.

John Lewis became famous in 1965 when he was beaten to blood, by Democratic segregationists, when he was marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

Since than Lewin and his supporters have been using his role in the 1960s civil rights movement to point out his service on behalf of the black community.

Though David Clarke applauds Lewis’ courage 52 years ago, he wants to know “What have you done for us lately?”

“John Lewis has become one of the most irrelevant members of Congress,” Clarke said, pointing to the “the high poverty, the high unemployment,” and “the crime that goes on” in the black community.

Lewis,77, received a lot of attention when he announced his boycott of the opening of a civil rights museum in Mississippi due to President Trump attendance. Lewis also called Trump an “illegitimate president” and boycotted his inauguration.

Clarke said Lewis’ boycott was just an attempt to deflect the attention away from his miserable record. “He has to pull a political stunt like this to get news coverage, that’s how bad this is!” Clarke said.

Sheriff Clarke isn’t the only African-American with this opinion, Mason Weaver, an author, and a former Black Panther, recently attacked Lewis for his lack of contribution.

Weaver claims Lewis only used his civil-rights fame to get powerful and rich while doing the bare minimum to help the African-Americans. “He’s gotten rich as black America has gotten more poor,” Weaver said.

Weaver also attacked Lewis’ decision to join the Dem Democratic Party after he was viciously beaten by Democratic segregationists in 1965.

“Lewis is a civil rights turncoat who collaborated with the Democratic Party to oppress black America,” Weaver said. “After they beat his behind on that bridge, he got up and joined them. He joined the oppressors and became a stooge for them!”


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