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Corey Feldman Reminds Everyone That Lauer Has ALWAYS Been An A-Hole About Sexual Abuse

Matt Lauer just got CANNED, and it’s increasingly evident that everyone has always known he’s a rude, perverted pr*ck.

I mean, Katie Couric even said YEARS BACK the most annoying thing about him is that he wouldn’t stop pinching her butt.

Yeah… a real stand up gentleman, right?

Anyway, Corey Feldman has been speaking out about sexual abuse in Hollywood for a LONG time. He’s now fully cooperating with authorities, and I’m proud of him for finally doing so.

Anyway, when news of Matt Lauer broke, Corey had something to say…

Sure does.

Lauer is such a freaking d-nozzle.

Corey HAS gone to police since then, and while he was right to say that the statute of limitations had run out on his case, the LAPD has publicly thanked him for the information.

Sooo….. what does this say about Lauer?


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