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Casket Manufacturer Arrived at Sutherland Springs to Offer Free Coffins for Shooting Victims

Teaching how Americans need to stand tall in the aftermath of the horrible shooting in Texas that claimed the lives of 26 people is an American who knows what he’s talking about.

According to reports, the man, Trey Ganem, wanted to do whatever it takes to help everyone affected by this disgusting act of violence.

As a result, the 46-year-old Christian, who makes coffins, hopped in his car and drove 100 miles to the church to see how he can make himself useful to the locals.

Ganem comes from Edna, Texas and is a casket maker. His business is also in Edna, where he has seven employees that make coffins, each worth $3,500.

Now, Ganem offered to make coffins for all fallen souls in the shooting…free of charge. So far, he has received 15 coffins orders.

The youngest victim of the shooting was nearly 18 months, whereas the oldest was 77-years-old.

As Ganem states, this is not the first time he had done this for people in need:

“When I first started five years ago, children burned in a fire in Edna, Texas. I donated caskets to the family. I knew the kids,” he told CNN. “It was the most emotional time in my life.”

To Ganem, the Sutherland Springs church shooting was a huge wake-up call that left him broken-hearted, since many children were also victimized by it.

“Immediately my heart opened up and I was like, ‘yes, we can do this,’” he said. “It’s a small town. People that felt like they were safe ended up in this tragedy.”

“What we want to do is start the healing process here,” Ganem said. “I want to make sure that we celebrate the lives of the people who were there.”

Ganem explained how the youngest victims will get coffins which are more child-like and doll-themed, than classical ones. Now, this is how you get things done.

Ganem just taught everyone a lesson on how to be American to the bone, and do whatever it takes to be there for your fellow Texans. Inspiring.

What did you think of Ganem’s move?

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